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Hotels in Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge Hotels

Hotels in Lijiang, Kilometres from hotels to to Tiger Leaping Gorge, list ordered by distance to Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Tiger Leaping Gorge hotels:
Introduction: Tiger Leaping Gorge is 20 km long, 213 m gap, and divided into the upper, the middle and the lower three parts of Tiger Gorge, a total of 18 dangerous shoals. The narrowest of the river is no more than only 30 meters. Gap, elevation 1,800 meters, the height difference over 3,900 meters above sea level, it is one of the largest deep valleys in the world. Tiger Leaping Gorge is the world's famous Grand Canyon, and it is famous with its odd risk magnificent. From the Tiger Leaping Gorge town along the river Haba snow-capped mountains overshoots the foothills of with a river enter the canyon. The upper river is 9 km from the town of Tiger Leaping Gorge, highways direct, the whole valley in the narrowest section of Gap Kuanfu more than 30 meters, the river is a 13-metre-high boulder - Tiger Leaping Stone, Legend has it had to Tigers Stone and cleared the Gap. Stonehenge of the river and flying bombers Gu Ming Shan issued the surf. Weng Sun opened poet well written. At this point, the golden sand River in the north, just like walk in the stone gate. Tiger Leaping Gorge Yongsheng northward along the village will reach Tiger Leaping gate. This section is of Central lock Jiang'an cliffs, the cliffs on weekends singular. The river is less than 5 km distance or 100 meters. LIN Li Jiang in the reef, this section referred to as "Gypsophila." Nu-Tao reef in the tempestuous left-right clash between Jiang surfaces of a chlorine fog kept empty. Here in the golden sand River into a three strands of Toronto. Passing the "Gypsophila," walking along the rugged path, FIRST-blasting Haba hoisted in the mountain, known locally as the "Goddess of Mercy waterfall," Guanyin mountain in the 1shape of a towering waterfalls in the next-to Qiongjiang Qingfengdian flying, flutter people cheek, full of masculine gas and the Gap add a bit charming. Near to Kuanyin (Goddess of Mercy) waterfall, there is a small village called walnut garden which located on a gentle slope Formation. Around the house the large walnut tree will be set in deep green houses, the housing here more to the stone roofing. Tiger Leaping Gorge to the visitors, and often in this unique style Village. Jin Jiang, accompanied by strong winds and Jiang Tao voice, there is a very exciting feeling. The walnut garden Formation of a village along the road before Chehu wide trip less than three kilometers can be arrived at the tiger jumped. Stop here, to balconies Yulong Haba mountain, we saw a peak edge peaks, snow, set-silver heap. Under the tiger jumped out near the rugged mountains in a straight, smooth-stone World, and this is the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge dangerous path "Talc board." The stone width of more than 300 meters, a 85 ° angle from the Gap Haba stretched its end of the mountain, smooth stone surface, grassless, a pedestrian falls slightly, will slide into the river. The past people regarded this as ghost Road. Early 1930s, a famous scholar of human culture Wei Fu Luke had three travels Tiger Leaping Gorge, he was crazy about the canyon and leased aircraft for aerial Tiger Leaping Gorge, the flu satisfied. After 1949, General Zhang Chong seven personally Tiger Leaping Gorge, Tiger Leaping Gorge for the development of water resources has made immortal contributions. Finally, the remains will be squandering all Tiger Leaping Gorge; Tiger Leaping Gorge in the tragic added a lot of pride. Tiger Leaping Gorge dangerous world, but this "risk" but there are also takes away people's destinations in the splendor of it is precisely this "dangerous", attracting numerous tourists at home and abroad this adventure.

Lijiang District Hotels: Gucheng Xincheng

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Lijiang Shuhe Jinlu Boutique Hotel - Gucheng District     35
Lijiang Shuhe Jinlu Boutique HotelFrom hotel to Tiger Leaping Gorge 32.76km, The Lijiang Lu House Boutiqe Hotel (Lijiang Jinjingpin Jiudian) is a boutique style hotel located in Shuhe Ancient town district of Lijiang on Renli Rd near Jiren Hospital and offers a free day of shuttle service anywhere in the city for those staying 3 days or more.

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241 Reviews

Lijiang My Home Boutique Hotel(Maihao International Hotel) - Gucheng District     40
Lijiang My Home Boutique Hotel(Maihao International Hotel)From hotel to Tiger Leaping Gorge 33.11km, Maihao International Hotel is located in Shuhe Old Town, Lijiang, the starting of Ancient Tea and Horse Caravan Road in history.

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58 Reviews

Conifer Li Shui Yang Guang Hotel - Gucheng District     Wifi 64
Conifer Li Shui Yang Guang HotelFrom hotel to Tiger Leaping Gorge 33.48km, Conifer Li Shui Yang Guang Hotel is the exclusive 5-star standard hotel inside the Shuhe Old Town of Lijiang, which is classified as one of the World Major Cultural Heritages. The Shuhe Old Town is situated to the south of the mysterious & majestic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, laced with canals and small bridges. Jiuding Dragon Pool, Sifang Market Square, Tea-horse Square, Listen Music in Sifang, Tea-horse Ancient Road Museum etc. all those main scene spots are near at hand. The hotel's strategic location ensures swift, simple links to Dayan, another Old Town (just 6 km) and the Lijiang International Airport (about 30 km). All are easily accessible via public transportation.

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641 Reviews

Lijiang Wonderport International Hotel - Gucheng District     114
Lijiang Wonderport  International HotelFrom hotel to Tiger Leaping Gorge 35.7km, Lijiang Treasure Harbor International Hotel is designed and constructed according to platinum five star standard. The hotel is located in Lijiang city area with favonian Xiangshan Mountain and limpid Qingxi Reservoir in the east and grand supernatural Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and ancient Shuhe town in the north. In the west direction, the hotel faces city main street --- Shangri-La Road. Looking into the south distance from the hotel, Dayan ancient town, which is called " World Cultural Heritage", is unfolded in the city area. The hotel is close to all of these famous beautiful sceneries.

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539 Reviews

Golden Spring Hotel     60
Golden Spring HotelFrom hotel to Tiger Leaping Gorge 37.51km, Lijiang Golden Spring Hotel, a business and tourism hotel, was built according to the criterion of 4-star hotel.It situates at Middle Section of Shangri-la Avenue. The Heilongtan Park is in the east of the hotel, and the Gaokuai Bus Station is in the west of the hotel.

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911 Reviews

Lijiang Old town Bamboo garden Hotel - Gucheng District     50
Lijiang Old town Bamboo garden HotelFrom hotel to Tiger Leaping Gorge 38.23km, Bamboo garden hotel locates in flourishing " World culture heritage" -----Lijian Dayan old town jade river square, it has ethnic scene which has Naxi characteristic circle courtyard, red pillar, maneuvering corridor, with River south bamboo, flower hall, water, it is an exquisite garden like hotel.

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98 Reviews

Lijiang International Hotel - Gucheng District     83
Lijiang International HotelFrom hotel to Tiger Leaping Gorge 38.59km, The international hotel of Lijiang is invested by the real estate Co., Ltd. of seven stars of Yunnan Province, and built according to the international five-star standard. With more than 30, 000 square meters of construction area, it lies in Lijiang of Yunnan Province, the well-known city of world cultural heritage.

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1114 Reviews

Zen Garden Hotel (Wuyi Yard ) ,Lijiang - Gucheng District     Wifi 71
Zen Garden Hotel (Wuyi Yard ) ,LijiangFrom hotel to Tiger Leaping Gorge 38.59km, In the historic city of Lijiang, there is an elegant hotel just inside the old town section called the Zen Garden Hotel. Local just 100 meters from the centre street, it is close enough to easily reach the historic section, yet far enough so the noise of the town will not disturb your rest. We have 16 comfortable which include 14 standard rooms and 2 special rooms.

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105 Reviews

Sanhe Hotel Lijiang - Gucheng District     43
Sanhe Hotel LijiangFrom hotel to Tiger Leaping Gorge 38.7km, The Hotel is located in the garden region of Lijiang Old Downtown. As a historical cultural hotel, the hotel is in Chinese-style. The hotel offers 29 standard rooms, 2 standard triple rooms, and 1 suite. Each room is equipped with Internet access, IP telephone, private bathroom, TV.

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52 Reviews

Shofo Boutique Hotel Lijiang - Gucheng District     97
Shofo Boutique Hotel LijiangFrom hotel to Tiger Leaping Gorge 38.71km, Situated central location, Lijiang Shaofo Boutique Hotel is within easy reach of most tourist attractions and business addresses in Lijiang City. All 58 at this 5-star property offers well-furnished rooms and attentive service. Each guestroom is fully equipped with non smoking rooms, air conditioning, bathrobes, daily newspaper, desk. The amenities and services offered at this Lijiang City accommodation include room service 24hr, bar/pub, laundry service/dry cleaning, meeting facilities , restaurant, room service, safety deposit boxes. This hotel is characterized by a combination of modern comfort and traditional element of Lijiang City, making it a distinct accommodation.

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87 Reviews

Courier Inn Lijiang(Former Bonan Clubhouse, Lijiang) - Gucheng District     37
Courier Inn Lijiang(Former Bonan Clubhouse, Lijiang)From hotel to Tiger Leaping Gorge 38.72km, Courier Inn Lijiang is located in the northwest of the town. It opened in 2006. The design is in the Naxi ethnic style. It faces Baita Temple, with Lion Mountain in the back, Yulong Bridge to the left, and Wangu Building to the right. It is the best place for people to view the whole of the old town.

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603 Reviews

Meiyu Hotel, Lijiang - Gucheng District     46
Meiyu Hotel, LijiangFrom hotel to Tiger Leaping Gorge 38.73km, Meiyu Hotel is a four-star standard hotel with Naxi style recreational villa. It is also the first hotel in Lijiang which introduces the follow-up servant service as well as to carry out the honored membership system. Meiyu Hotel locates in the Guadaiguo Villa quarter in Lijiang of Yunnan province with nice environment and convenient transportation, adjoining the Old Town which owns three World Cultural Heritages.

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16 Reviews

Lijiang blog Inn - Gucheng District     57
Lijiang blog InnFrom hotel to Tiger Leaping Gorge 38.86km, Situated within walking distance from Sifang Street, the Blog Inn (Boke Kezhan) sits back against Lion Mountain. About a 35-minute will see guests to Lijiang Sanyi Airport.

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Lijiang Huama Hotel - Gucheng District     55
Lijiang Huama HotelFrom hotel to Tiger Leaping Gorge 38.91km, The hotel is located in Lijiang Horse and Tea Caravans Hua Ma Tourism Culture Street, surrounded by all kinds of recreation, leisure, catering, shopping.

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327 Reviews

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    Lijiang: brief description for tourists who wish to visit Lijiang
    Lijiang has a population of about 1,2 million people and is located in the northwest of Yunnan Province, as prefecture city level. Lijiang is an important and famous tourists destination in Yunnan, known also for its beautiful landscapes, with its fresh air, clear streams and snow mountains. One very interesting attraction in Lijiang is the Lugu Lake, it covers an area of 50 sq km, it is one of the most profound of China and attracts a large number of visitors. Here lives the people of ethnic Mosuo who lives in a matriarchal social system and that makes this place full of fascination for the customs and traditions very picturesque. Another attraction is the Wenfeng Monastery (1739), with high reputation beyond the borders of China. The cuisine of Lijiang is a blend of Han and Tibetan. The county is renowned for its yummy local snacks like Baba, a traditional local snacks, which is made from wheat and stuffed with meat, vegetables or sugar. fried, baked or steamed. Baba is very popular among the locals, so it is available in almost every snack bar or restaurant.

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