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Hotels in Putuoshan, Puji Temple Hotels

Hotels in Putuoshan, Kilometres from hotels to to Puji Temple, list ordered by distance to Puji Temple.

Puji Temple hotels:
Introduction: Puji Temple is a Buddhist temple located on the island of Putuoshan in Zhejiang province, China. The temple is now a tourist attraction as the island is significant in Chinese Buddhism. In January 2004, entry tickets to the temple cost five yuan per person. History Built in 916, at the time it was called 不肯去观音院 (pinyin bu ken qu guanyin yuan). In 1080, during the Song Dynasty (960-1279), the Emperor Shenzong of Song China renamed the temple 宝陀观音寺 (pinyin bao tuo guanyin si). Shen Zong donated lands to the temple, and a new monk was ordained every year. (After the temple was renamed, the old name for the temple was still used to refer to a nearby hill, 紫竹林 (pinyin zi zhu lin), on which a 20 metre tall Guanyin now stands.) The monks studied Buddhism and the temple slowly prospered. In 1214, still in the Song Dynasty, Emperor Ningzong of Song China donated tens of thousands of min (lines of cash) to the temple and presented them with a sign reading 'General Funds Hall' (圆通宝殿; yuan tong bao dian). In 1298 by order of Emperor Chengzong of the Yuan Dynasty, 李英 (li ying) repaired the temple, completing the work in 1301. The monks were given over 4000 mu (2.7 km²) of land, and 20 min of government funds. In 1299, the abbot of the temple (一山一宁; yi shan yi ning) was appointed the director of Buddhist teaching for the region (江浙释教总统; jiangzhe shijiao zongtong) and was sent as an emissary to Japan by the emperor. In the winter of 1313, the Emperor Renzong's mother sent an envoy to present the temple with 868 metal bars and three qing of land, and to make offerings. In 1327, Emperor Taiding presented the temple with 1000 metal bars and 2 qing 26 mu of land. In 1386, during the Ming Dynasty, Duke Tang (汤和; Tang He) was asked to come to the mainland to advise the Emperor. He brought with him 30,000 people from 46 islands, including the monks of Putuoshan. At the same time, Duke Tang ordered the burning of 300 temples on Putuoshan. He also moved a large statue of Guanyin to a temple (郡东栖心寺; jun dong xi xin si) on the mainland, which was then renamed 普陀 (pu tuo). (The temple is now known as Qita Temple. It is located in Ningbo.) In 1515, the Buddhist community began to recover through donations and alms. In 1553, the Ming government under the Jiajing Emperor moved the monks and destroyed temples once more. In 1572, a monk named Zhen Song (真松) came to Putuoshan to help rebuild it to its former glory. In 1574, a monk named Zhen Biao (真表) wanted to ascend the mountain to locate the site of old Bao Guo Si (宝陀寺), destroyed 200 years previously, but was not allowed. Despite this, he still ascended the mountain and located the old site of the temple, and managed to rebuild a small monastery, only to have it destroyed by a military commander named Xu Jing Xing (徐景星). Afterwards, Zhou Liangbin (周良宾), a Ningbo government official, had Zhen Biao and a group of nuns punished. Fours years later, Zhen Biao was made abbot. He had the Hall of Heavenly Kings (云会尝; yunhuichang) and one other hall built.

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Lvyuan Holiday Inn     46
Lvyuan Holiday InnFrom hotel to Puji Temple 1.08km, Luyuan Holiday Inn is located in one of the famous Chinese four Buddhist Hldy resorts.It's near the Fayu Tample in the middle of the Zhoushan Island, just 1km to the centre.

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Xilei Xiao Zhuang Hotel , putuoshan     46
Xilei Xiao Zhuang Hotel , putuoshanFrom hotel to Puji Temple 1.3km, Xilei Hotel, a 4-star hotel, is located at the center of Putuoshan (on the corner of Puti Lu and Meicen Lu) near West Heaven Scenic Spot and the Puji Temple, only a hundred meters from 100-pace Beach.

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Baotuo Hotel - Putuoshan     55
Baotuo Hotel - PutuoshanFrom hotel to Puji Temple 1.4km, The Baotuo Hotel (Baotuo Fandian) is located at the foot of Putuo Mountain, only a three-minute drive from Puji Temple and a two-hour drive from the port. The hotel is to the south of the Xishan Scenery Area and to the north of the Guanyin Statue.

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Putuoshan Hotel     73
Putuoshan HotelFrom hotel to Puji Temple 1.62km, A trip to Mount Putuo makes you have a taste of holy scenery of the state of Buddha and enjoy mysterious religious culture. Staying in Mount Putuoshan Hotel will make you feel comfortable during either burning incense of business affairs.

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Landison Putuoshan Resort - Zhoushan     73
Landison Putuoshan Resort - ZhoushanFrom hotel to Puji Temple 1.83km,

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4142 Reviews

Haitong Hotel, Putuoshan     29
Haitong Hotel, PutuoshanFrom hotel to Puji Temple 1.99km, Haitong hotel is a 3 star hotel with all facilities like business center, meeting center, Chinese dinning room and sightseeing teahouse.

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Pu Tuo Zhu Xiang Ju Hotel - Zhoushan     70
Pu Tuo Zhu Xiang Ju Hotel - ZhoushanFrom hotel to Puji Temple 2.22km, The Zhuxiangju Hotel (Zhuxiangju Binguan) is superbly located in the central Putuo Mountain scenic area. Facing the sea and with a lush mountain backdrop, the hotel offers guests stunning views, convenient access to local attractions like Puji Temple and Nanhai Guanyin, and makes a great holiday getaway.

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Purple Bamboo Hotel     31
Purple Bamboo HotelFrom hotel to Puji Temple 2.42km, Purple Bamboo Hotel is the good place that spends holidays, recuperates, receive all kinds of medium and small-scale meetings, ideal places that negotiate the commercial affair too.

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CITIC Putuo Hotel     65
CITIC Putuo HotelFrom hotel to Puji Temple 2.44km, located in Putuo Mountain, one of the four famous Buddhism Mountains in china, it enjoyseleant environment and convenikent transportation .Stay with us, youmay have the guif with continuous golden sand and rippling waves jist in front of you.besides, the famous south Sea Kwanyin and black bamboo forest are right on the left, while Heaven Palace South Gate, Duangu historical site, embarkationstation and parking lot are just a few hundred meters away.

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Xiangsheng Grand Hotel & Resort Mountain Putuo     100
Xiangsheng Grand Hotel & Resort Mountain PutuoFrom hotel to Puji Temple 3.38km, The Xiangsheng Hotel (Zhoushan Putuo Shan Xiangsheng Dajiudian) is a resort hotel within easy reach of Putuo Mountain, boasting picturesque mountain and ocean view and Buddhist culture.

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    Putuoshan: brief description for tourists who wish to visit Putuoshan
    Mount Putuo or Putuo Shan is an island located to the south-east of Shanghai, off the coast of Zhejiang province, China. It is famous in Chinese Buddhism, and is strongly associated with Guanyin, the most famous Bodhisattva in China. Today it is a notedtourist destination. As of January, 2004, tourists are charged 110 RMB for an entry ticket upon disembarkation at the island's port. A number of hotels and settlements are dotted around the island.

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